Nobody Freak Out, But Dan Harmon And Mitch Hurwitz Are Working On A Secret Comedy Project


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The first time I came to Los Angeles was to spend time with a band I became friends with in 2008 called As Tall As Lions. They were my favourite band at the time when i first moved to Melbourne - somehow we became connected, I got to sing with them at Soundwave and later even record with them on their last album (I sing the hidden track…;)! They’ve now parted ways & gone on to pursue other  projects but they were an amazing band & a big influence on me early on. 

As I was combing out old music from my computer I came across a cover I had put together of one of their songs back in 2009 & thought to share it here at the catacombs. This is a song called You Can’t Take It With You, the title track off their third & final album. It’s is a rough bedroom recording inspired after spending time with the band in LA when I was 18. It uses only the voice, some hairbrushes smacked against desks and  stomps & claps for good measure. Hope you enjoy it. Check out the original here….

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Beck (feat. Father John Misty) - Blue Moon (live on SNL)

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Cat wedding, full song

The name of the song is cat wedding.